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100 _aJaison Vadakkan
245 _aExclusion of Śūdras from Brahmajijñāsa : re-reading Apāśudrādhikaraṇam of Brahmasūtra Śāṅkara bhāṣya
260 _aNew Delhi
_bMotilal Banarsidass
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520 _aThis book is an in-depth study on the philosophy of sankara, I.E. Sankaravedanta. This study focuses on a particular text from brahmasutra bhasya of sankara, namely apasudradhikaranam which discusses on the exclusion of sudras from the study of vedas. Exclusion from vedas implies excluding them from the quest for brahman (brahmajijnasa), because for the brahmanic tradition vedas are the only means for the realization of brahman. A cursory reading of this periscope might give an impression that sankara is on the side of exclusion. But a re-reading of apasudradhikaranam in the spirit of a true critique and in the light of his advaitic philosophy, reveals that his darsana is non-exclusive. This book explores this inclusive potentials and possibilities of sankaravedanta. This inclusive insights of sankara could be enriched and carried forward by the present-day advaitins so that it could become a contribution to the healing process of the world today, which is wounded by the exclusive strategies and practices. Jaison vadakkan is a person who is interested in bharatiya darsanas. He has a special enthusiasm in the philosophy of sankara. He conducts classes and seminars on indian philosophy in various institutes. This present work is his doctrol dissertation submitted for the degree of doctor in philosophy (ph. D). He hails from thrissur, kerala. At present he is one of the teaching staff of calvary philosophical college, thrissur, kerala.
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