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100 _a Schwinger, Julian
245 _aClassical electrodynamics
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_bCRC Press
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520 _aThis text for the graduate classical electrodynamics course was left unfinished upon Julian Schwinger’s death in 1994, but was completed by his coauthors, who have brilliantly recreated the excitement of Schwinger’s novel approach. Classical Electrodynamics captures Schwinger’s inimitable lecturing style, in which everything flows inexorably from what has gone before. An essential resource for both physicists and their students, the book includes a “Reader’s Guide”, which describes the major themes in each chapter, suggests a possible path through the book, and identifies topics for inclusion in, and exclusion from, a given course, depending on the instructor’s preference. Carefully constructed problems complement the material of the text, and introduce new topics. The book will be of great value to all physicists, from first-year graduate students to senior researchers, and to all those interested in electrodynamics, field theory, and mathematical physics.
650 _aElectrodynamics
650 _aField theory (Physics)
700 _a Schwinger, Julian
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