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100 _aVinod Kapri
245 0 0 _a1232km :The long journey home
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_bHarper Collins
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520 _aThe nationwide lockdown in 2020 to curb the spread of Covid-19 left millions of migrant labourers without jobs, food and shelter. Desperate and helpless, most took to the road, embarking on the long, often fatal, journey home. Ritesh, Ashish, Ram Babu, Sonu, Krishna, Sandeep and Mukesh-migrants from Bihar-undertook a similar journey on their bicycles that lasted for seven days and seven nights. Their harrowing trip from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, to their hometown of Saharsa as they braved police lathis and insults, and battled hunger, exhaustion and fear, was documented by National Award-winning filmmaker Vinod Kapri. 1232 km is a story of the extraordinary courage of seven men in the face of tremendous odds.
650 _aMigrant labor --India.
650 _aBicycle commuting - India.
650 _aCOVID-19 Disease- Economic aspects --India.
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650 _aLockdown-India -Impact
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