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100 _aAjoy Bose
245 _aBehenji : a political biography of Mayawati
250 _aRevised
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520 _aHow did Mayawati become the iconoclastic, combative politician, universally known as Behenji today? Is there a historic parallel anywhere else where a woman belonging to the most crushed community known to mankind has risen through the heat and dust of elections to rule two hundred million people and may well reach further to guide the destiny of a billion more in the not too distant future? Mayawati has changed the face of politics in India, turning old assumptions upside down and restructuring power equations entrenched for centuries, if not millennia. The path she has blazed through the Byzantine political system of Uttar Pradesh has been a unique tour de force. Not only has she been the chief minister four times, but she has done so by overturning the established electoral traditions of a state that virtually invented modern Indian politics. With her in-your-face political style, unabashed display of accumulated wealth and mercurial nature, she is, perhaps, the most enigmatic Indian politician for decades. Eminent journalist Ajoy Bose brings his in-depth experience of covering Indian politics for over three decades to this pioneering political biography of Mayawati. He explores the background of her meteoric rise and examines the growing national clout of this unique woman who could, quite possibly, determine the shape of the next Indian government, and even be the country s prime
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