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100 1 _a Hemalata C Dandekar
245 1 0 _aMen to Bombay, women at home : urban influence on Sugao Village, Deccan, Maharashtra, India, 1942-1982
260 _aAnn Arbor
_bCenter for South and Southeast Asian Studies, the University of Michigan,
300 _axix, 325p.
490 1 _aMichigan papers on South and Southeast Asia ;
500 _aIncludes index.
520 _aThis book attempts to portray the fine-grained impacts of industrialization and the availability of work in a major city on a single village, called Sugao, located some 150 miles from Bombay. It describes some of the effects of macro-level, “top-down,” development planning on a village microcosm as observed from the vantage point of the village itself. As far as it is possible for an outsider to do so, Dandekar has attempted to understand and convey the perceptions of some of the people she got to know well in Sugao. Includes maps, diagrams, and photos. It is excellent supplementary text for courses dealing with development, rural society, planning, rural-urban migrations, or women’s issues. Hemalata C. Dandekar is Professor and Department Head of City and Regional Planning at California State University, San Luis Obispo.
650 0 _aRural-urban migration
650 0 _aVillages
_aSocial conditions
_aEconomic history
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