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100 _aSuraj Bhan Bharadwaj
245 _aState and peasant society in medieval North India : essays on changing contours of Mewat, thirteenth to eighteenth century
260 _aDelhi
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520 _aState and Peasant Society in Medieval North India uses a variety of sources--archival records, Indo-Persian court chronic and folk literature --to explore the perception of kingship in the peasant society and its linkages with the changing nature of interaction between the state and the peasant society in medieval north India, especially Mewat. Dwelling on this central theme, the essays in this book delve into a range of issues: the process of state formation in Mewat, the role of state in the socio-economic and religio-cultural transformation of the region's Meo community, the conflictual engagement between the peasant community and state in the late medieval period and the perception of kingship in folktales popular in the peasant society. The book chiefly argues that a nuanced understanding of how the medieval state impacted the peasants' lives can be better arrived at by looking into the subjectivities of their perceptions and experiences.
650 _aIndia--Mevāt
_aPeasants-Social conditions
_aEconomic history
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