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020 _a9781420083156 (hbk. : alk. paper)
082 0 0 _a616.0757
100 1 _aDendy, P. P.
245 1 0 _aPhysics for diagnostic radiology /
250 _a3rd ed.
260 _aBoca Raton :
_bCRC Press,
300 _axv, 695 p. :
_bill. ;
490 0 _aSeries in medical physics and biomedical engineering ;
520 _a"With every chapter revised and updated, Physics for Diagnostic Radiology, Third Edition continues to emphasize the importance of physics education as a critical component of radiology training. This bestselling text helps readers understand how various imaging techniques work, from planar analogue and digital radiology to computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, and positron emission tomography (PET) to ultrasound imaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). New to the Third Edition Material on digital receptors Emphasis on the differences between analogue and digital images Coverage of multi-slice CT and three-dimensional resolution, dual energy applications, and cone beam CT Special radiographic techniques, including subtraction techniques and interventional radiology New chapter on PET, with discussion of multi-modality imaging (PET/CT) Additional material on radiation doses and risks to patients New chapter covering picture archiving and communication system (PACS), teleradiology, networks, archiving, and related factors A summary of the main teaching points at the beginning of each chapter After an introductory chapter on basic physics, the book follows the x-ray imaging process: production of x-rays, interaction with the patient, radiation measurement, the image receptor, the radiological image, and image quality assessment. It then covers more advanced x-ray techniques as well as imaging with radioactive materials. The text also focuses on radiobiology, risk and radiation protection, and imaging with non-ionising radiation. The final chapter discusses data handling in a modern, electronic radiology department"--Provided by publisher.
650 0 _aMedical physics.
650 0 _aRadiography, Medical.
650 0 _aDiagnostic imaging.
650 1 2 _aHealth Physics.
650 2 2 _aRadiation Dosage.
650 2 2 _aRadiation Monitoring.
650 2 2 _aRadiation Protection.
650 2 2 _aRadiography.
700 1 _aHeaton, B.
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