Caste, communication and power - New Delhi Sage 2021 - 369 p.

"Caste, Communication and Power explores communication and the constitution of caste in Indian society. Intimately connected, both communication and caste are determined by historical developments. The book looks at communication as a lens to study caste and power relations, with its immense potential to shape perception and affect ground reality. It also studies the evolution of the conceptual and theoretical foundations of caste and power relations, and maps their emergence from communicative resources and practices. These communication practices are inevitably linked to the social structure, with their reliance on symbolic forms of self-expression, often revealing the underlying ideological attitudes. The book studies this interface of culture and media, evaluating the caste question and the associated power relations in terms of modes of communication practised in the society"--



Power (Social sciences)
Communication--Social aspects

305.51220954 / CAS

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