Suhas Palshikar

The last fortress of congress dominance: Maharashtra since the 1990s - New Delhi Sage 2021 - 280 p. - Sage series on politics in Indian states .

Focused mainly on Maharashtra’s politics since the 1990s, The Last Fortress of Congress Dominance also provides its readers a clear view of the historical context and the socio-political forces that have dominated the state since the 1950s. The politics of Maharashtra has been woven around two key factors: the Congress party and the Marathas. Attempts by the Shiv Sena and the BJP to emerge as alternatives to the Congress have had only limited success so far. As the state politics witnesses the transition into a new party system, the book presents a detailed study on the party system of Maharashtra and situates the analysis in the broader context of crisis of the Marathas and the many distortions of the state’s political economy.


Politics and government
Local elections
Politics and government--Research

352.054792 / SUH/L

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