Akhil Ranjan Dutta

Hindutva regime in Assam : saffron in rainbow - New Delhi Sage 2021 - 329 p. - Sage studies on India's North East .

"The book studies how BJP came into power in Assam and the consequences of the BJP-led regime in Assam. BJP's core ideological tool is Hindutva. However, in Assam, BJP developed political strategies keeping in mind the dynamics of identity politics unique to Assam (multiple religions, multiple ethnicities). In Assam, where numerous ethno-regional political outfits have registered their electoral presence, 'Rainbow Alliance' emerged as the strategic tool for BJP in its electoral battles. The book shows how BJP strategists have paid attention to people's attachments to their ethno-regional cultures and how successful co-option has culminated in 'saffron-izing' the 'Rainbow'"--



Bharatiya Janata Party
Hinduism and politics

954.162 / AKH/H

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