Smith,Vincent A

Asoka, the Buddhist emperor of India - Delhi Low Price 1998 - 278p. - Rulers of India, Hunter,W.W,Ed. .

About the Book: A biographical account with special light on the administrative system of the prominent Indian emperors like Asoka of the Maurya. The book contains biography and the administration of prominent Indian emperors like Asoka of the Maurya dynasty. Asoka, a son of Bindusara and the third sovereign of teh Maurya dynasty ascended the throne of Pataliputra (B.C. 273) and undertook the government of the Indian empire. He held the government for about forty years. The numerous inscriptions recorded by Asoka are the leading authority for the events of his reign and its adminsitration. Tradition probably is right in stating that Asoka followed the religion of teh Brahmans in his early days. with a special devotion to Lord Shiva. But the horros of Kalinga war made a deep impression on the heart of the victorious monarch. Once he had begun to devote himself to the love. protection adn teaching of the Law of Piety or Dharma, he never again allowed himself to be tempted by ambition into an unprovoked war. The Kalinga conflict was his last war. Asoka became a lay disciple under the Buddhist system immediately after the conquest of Kalinga.Then Asoka became both monk and monarch at the same time. The Maurayan empire, governed for about 90 years by Chandragupta, Bindusara and Asoka crumbled like a pack of cards when the strong and powerful third sovereign relinquished the throne. Numerous particulars of the civil and eccelesiastical organisations of the empire for administrative purposes are revealed by close examination of teh Asoka inscriptions on rocks adn mountains which have all been graphically provided by the author. The book- Asoka the Buddhist emperor of India- was originally written by Vincent A Smith adn subsequently edited by W W Hunter under the title of Rulers of India (Asoka Maurya) . Contents: I. The history of Asoka Chronology of the Maurya Period II. Extent and Administration of the Empire III. The Monuments Inscribed Pillars of Asoka IV. The Rock E


A┼Ťoka, King of Magadha, active 259 B.C
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